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The concealed decking connector TENI guarantees a very simple, quick, and safe installation of modified or dimensionally stable wood species and composite decking boards with a concave groove profile.

The fastening system is distinguished by two independent engagement arms, the rigid side secures the board in place and the other absorbs any swelling and shrinking movements. The dynamic and perpetual flexible sliding point is automatically brought into position by the angled screw connection to the substructure. Natural dimensional changes of each board are compensated by the pretension forces. Swelling processes are not passed on to the adjacent board - each decking board works independently - no chain reaction.

The rigid fixed point ensures ideal positioning of the plank and enables safe installation without additional aids such as clamping tools or floorboard clamps. The 8 mm thick decking connector ensures perfect rear ventilation and structural protection of the fundamental components. An integrated locking device in the base plate prevents the boards from being pushed out sideways.


The boards can be easily and quickly replaced if necessary thanks to an integrated pop-out feature. The decking connector can be modified for the start and end boards. There is no need for a separate connector.

The TENI decking connectors can be mounted to wooden or wood-like substructures or to the





Fastening:concealed system
Type of fastening:sliding and fixed point
Joint spacing:6,0 mm
Decking board:For modified or dimensionally stable wood types and composite boards with lateral concave groove
Plank exchange:

Possible due to pop-out mechanism

Material:POM polyoxymethylene, UV and weather resistant
Special feature:

start and end clip modification


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